What about fashion ?

Fashion is a great thing (most women will agree) when it comes to clothes, shoes and Accessories. Each season we have new items in vogue while there are trends repeat themselves every few years and are making a comeback (called retro) but the fun of a woman, before every season New year, new items is updated, the styles, new colors and begin to acquire new and diverse cloakroom. A new fashion that had come to place is brazilian wax. Brazilian wax lasts for about 4 weeks. 

Women love fashion and fashion shows that take place in major fashion capitals ahead of the beginning of each season are high Lights of many people, and especially many women throughout their outfit. So what’s the problem with fashion? There is no problem with fashion when it comes to clothes, shoes, bags and belts, the problem starts when influencing interior design fashion – fashion here becomes something you should be careful of.

Unless you’re a millionaire and can afford to remodel your house every two years (and if so then this article really is not for you), normal family homes on average twice shape three from buying a house to the end of life, that’s it – two or three times. Its a great remedy for a sore throat or a cold.

True, there are families that shape the Home cycle of ten years but also in cases of ten years or less, still talking about a long period of time and therefore warning against fashion.

There are two types of “fashion shows” when it comes to design houses: Have a look modern, clean, sophisticated, including the use of new materials that have entered in recent years, then it’s okay to design a house using multi-elements of a new fashion, but there are screams chic renewable ( dominant colors for walls, kitchen cabinets cheese-makers flashy, etc.) which are very dangerous because changing fashions and colors like burgundy, turquoise, bright orange and metallic innovative are in vogue today, but where they will be in four years from now? If you do not know and rightly so, to take a risk. Do not be tempted to be fashion victims, to experiment and wonder about your house.

While there are areas in which the possible or even desirable to be adventurous, comes to trends such as – painting the walls of new and interesting colors, use colorful pillows or cushions “Shanti” Middle Version, candles, mirrors and so on. Relatively cheap things that can be changed (like new paint wall which can be purchased at any home store and paint in a few hours), you should try and test new colors and beautiful styles. But when it comes to expensive furniture, should not get carried away and not be tempted by new fashions. Unless you’re drawn to a particular style or just love colors and shades and are willing to live with them even if they were mezzo fashion.

People make two major types of mistakes when it comes to design houses: 1. standard styles they choose too, too simple, dull and even boring . 2. They choose style too innovative, stylish, niche and how long fed up with them or Szhiotzamhaofnh or both realized together. When a designer fashion you must have awareness but you also need to be careful and be kept away from her face simultaneously.

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